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Learning Paths

General Assembly transforms careers and companies through leading-edge programs in software engineering, data, design, digital marketing, and more. Our team has worked with hundreds of companies around the world — including more than 40 of the Fortune 500 — to upskill, reskill, and revolutionize their teams. With more than 21,000 corporate employees trained and 70,000 alumni from our full- and part-time programs, our solutions provide immediate and proven impact on the job.

About General Assembly

Here’s How It Works

Digital Skills Learning Hub for Small Businesses

Melbourne's small businesses are undergoing rapid change, facing new challenges that have arisen with the impact of COVID-19.

The City of Melbourne is partnering with General Assembly on the Inner-City Business Support Program to offer award-winning programs that equip businesses with digital skills to help them succeed. 

Check eligibility criteria here.

Melbourne Inner-City Business Support Program Partners

Live Online Workshops

Learn new skills in just a few hours alongside industry experts and peers. These short workshops are perfect for learners who seek quick, practical skills to plug knowledge gaps or expand horizons. Short-form workshops are best for learners who want to focus on a specific topic within a discipline.  

  • Ranges from 1 - 6 hour workshops
  • Live Online via Zoom, interact with your instructor and peers
  • Up to $250 worth of workshops
  • Limit of two per business

Variety of topics including: 

On-Demand Courses

Explore new skills and interests at your own pace. These On-Demand learning paths are created in collaboration with industry experts and are great for independent learners with busy schedules.

Note: Programs are self-led and do NOT include 1:1 mentoring.

  • Approximately 10-20 hours of in-depth industry content
  • Self-paced, learn anytime, anywhere
  • Assessments included to evaluate your knowledge
  • Valued between $700-$1250
  • Limit of one per business

Programs include:

1. Explore Your Options
Browse the programs above to identify a learning path that interests you. 

Note: you can choose one of the following options:

  • 1 x On-Demand course or 
  • $250 Credit towards any Live Online workshop

3. Check Your Email
Within two business days, you should see an email from GA Customer Experience titled “Welcome to General Assembly!”

2. Sign Up
Click "Apply Now", and register by filling out a short form.

4. Learn New Skills
Follow the instructions in your welcome email (for workshops you'll be provided with a unique code, for On-Demand courses you will be sent further instructions via email), and start your learning journey!

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Choose from two learning pathways, self-paced On-Demand courses or short Live Online workshops led by industry expert instructors. 

Supporting Small Businesses

With the impact of COVID-19, small businesses and their employees are facing new and emerging challenges. 

That is why a coalition of Melbourne businesses, government, and tech leaders have joined forces to invest in Melbourne's small business capability and resilience - including the building of digital skills to support business growth and transformation.

Cutting Edge Training for In-Demand Skills

Take the first steps toward tackling emerging business challenges by learning cutting edge skills in tech, data, marketing and more.

GA’s programs listed below are 100% free for Melbourne's small businesses who register through this site.

Start your journey today by enrolling in one of GA’s learning programs.

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For any enquiries about this initiative or the application process, please email

Upskilling Small Businesses

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Who is eligible? See criteria here