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The demand for software engineers is booming across all industries. That's why GA, Forte and South Australia have joined forces to support your pathway into tech.

Future-proof your career with a full fee subsidy of $15,500 towards our remote live online 12-week Software Engineering Immersive program.

GA's Software Engineering Immersive is free for South Australian qualified residents.

Places are open to:

  1. Young people aged 18-24,
  2. Women,
  3. Indigenous Australians, or
  4. People with a disability of any age

Who meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be a resident of South Australia
  2. You must be a citizen, permanent resident, or hold a visa with the right to work in Australia until December 31, 2025
  3. You must not currently work full-time in a tech company in a technical position (e.g. web design, development, or data science)
  4. You must be able to show Australian tax return information going back at least one year

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The Need for Tech Talent

General Assembly transforms careers and companies through leading-edge programs in software engineering, data, design, digital marketing, and more. Our team has worked with hundreds of companies around the world — including more than 40 of the Fortune 500 — to upskill, reskill, and revolutionize their teams. With more than 21,000 corporate employees trained and 70,000 alumni from our full- and part-time programs, our solutions provide immediate and proven impact on the job.

1. Explore the Curriculum
Download the
Software Engineering Immersive program curriculum to identify if this program is a fit for you.

How It Works

3. Expect a Call
We will contact you if you're eligible to let you know you've made it to the second round of the application process which will include a short admissions task and an interview.

2. Apply
Jump to “
Get Started
” to submit your application ASAP.

4. Participate in the Admissions Process
To be accepted into the program, qualified applicants will be asked to complete a quick phone screen, interview task, pre-work, and assessment to guarantee your role in the program. In addition, Forte will collect and review some ID and tax documentation to ensure your eligibility. 

12 Weeks to a New Tech Career in South Australia

General Assembly is proud to partner with Forte and South Australia to offer a fully-subsidised training program that will prepare you for a career in software engineering- no course fees and no tech experience required

This 12-Week Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive course runs 3 April - 29 June 2023 and features expert instruction, one on one career coaching and job search support to get you hired.

Get Started

Please complete this application to be considered for the 12-week Software Engineering Immersive with General Assembly Australia. 

Applications are open now and placements are offered on a rolling basis. Spaces are limited.



3 April - 29 June 2023

(excluding 7-10 April, 25 April, 12 June)

Mondays - Fridays; 9a-5p ACST

In Partnership With 

5. Begin the Course
If accepted, the program will begin 3 April 2023. Once you've graduated, you’ll stay on with our career coaches until you’ve landed your dream role in software engineering!

Program Alumni Get Access to Premier Hiring Partners From Around the World

Student Experience: Live Online Classroom

Expert Instruction That Gets You Job-Ready

Learn from top software engineers from our global network who broadcast live to your classroom. Local instructors are on hand to offer hands-on support and lead discussion.

Exclusive Access to Leaders in Tech

Get an insider's look at the industry. Engage with engineers and local companies through sessions like hiring discussions, guest panels, and day-in-the-life talks.

Gain a Valuable Professional Network

Transform and grow your career alongside motivated peers (and potential collaborators). The GA community is a priceless resource — just ask our 70K+ alumni.

FORTE stands for Financing Of Return To Employment. It works by connecting untapped pools of private capital with the unmet needs of unemployed individuals.

Whether it’s retraining for the jobs of the future, eye surgery for those with avoidable blindness, or helping recent migrants become fluent in a new language – Forte invests in interventions that help people get back to work, at no cost for individuals and no risk for governments.

About Forte

Course Dates

As a result of COVID-19, all of our programming is currently offered remotely.

3 April - 29 June 2023 (excluding 7 April, 10 April, 25 April, 12 June)

Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm ACST

A Proven Track Record

Student Success at Scale

91.4% of full-time GA Immersive graduates who complete our Career Services program got a job in their field of study within 180 days of graduation.*

Our Commitment to Transparency

As the only “bootcamp” report verified by a Big Four accounting firm, our detailed outcomes report helps you make informed decisions about educational investments.

*2018–2019 Student Outcomes Report, Student Outcomes for General Assembly’s Immersive Programs Ending Between January 1, 2018, and March 31, 2019.


Q: What are the key dates?

A: We encourage you to apply ASAP as seats are limited. The course is full-time from 3 April through 29 June 2023 (with no class on 7 April, 10 April, 25 April, and 12 June) with live class times held on Mondays-Fridays from 9am-5pm ACST. 

Q: Will I be able to work or attend university during the course?

A: No, this is an intensive course with 40 hours of class time per week plus assignments that will need to be completed outside of class. You will not have time to do any other work or outside study.

Q: Is there any prerequisite knowledge or coursework required?

A: This is a beginner-friendly programme with no prerequisites.

Q: What is the application process for this course?

A: First, we'll ask you to review the eligibility criteria above to make sure you're a candidate for this program. If so, please complete the application form linked above. Once we receive your application, someone from our admissions team will reach to schedule an interview if you are eligible. In addition to the interview, we'll have you complete a short admissions task. The goal of the interview and task is not to assess any technical skills, but to determine whether you have the motivation and qualities necessary to succeed in the course and in a career as a software engineer. If you are a successful candidate, we'll ask you to submit some documentation proving your residency and work status before extending an official offer to join the course.

Q: What can I expect during this immersive course experience?

A: Here are just some of the benefits Immersive students can expect at GA:

  • Expert instruction in the skills you need to enter the workforce as a junior full-stack web developer.

  • Self-paced pre-work to explore software engineering fundamentals help you hit the ground running on day one of class.

  • Robust coursework, including expert-vetted lesson decks, project toolkits, and more. Refresh and refine your knowledge throughout your professional journey as needed.

  • A professional-grade portfolio of projects taken from concept to completion — each mirroring real problems that engineers face — that allows you to showcase the breadth of your technical skills to employers.

  • Individual feedback and guidance from instructors and TAs during office hours. Stay motivated and make the most of your experience with the help of GA’s dedicated team.

  • Dedicated career services to help you navigate your personal job search experience, from technical challenges, to salary negotiation, and more.

  • Technical interview prep, including resume reviews, mock interviews, and whiteboarding practice.

  • A GA course certificate to showcase your new skill set on LinkedIn.

  • Connections with a professional network of instructors and peers that lasts well beyond the course. The global GA community can help you navigate and succeed in the field.

Q: What projects will I work on during this course?

A: For your capstone project, you’ll mimic a team-client interaction, collaborating to build and deploy a full-stack application that fulfills provided specs. The final result will integrate functionality from a third-party API.

Throughout this Immersive, you’ll also compile a portfolio of solo and group projects designed to reinforce what you’ve learned in each unit. Gain hands-on experience building and deploying front-end and full-stack applications with a variety of languages and frameworks.

Q: What can I expect in terms of career support?

A: In parallel with your technical training, you will receive weekly sessions with a GA career coach that focus on all aspects of your career transformation- from CVs, to personal branding, to technical interviews. You'll also have one-on-one meetings with your career coach to ensure you're on track to find your unique place in the industry. This support from your career coach continues after graduation until you find your first role. You'll be responsible for checking in on your job search process weekly. We will expect you to spend 25 hours a week job searching after the course ends, and ask that you apply for minimum of 10 jobs a week. As a reminder, an essential requirement for accepting a place in this course is to commit to finding a role in the industry and reside in South Australia through the end of 2025.

Q: Is there any cost to me as a student?

A: Nope! If you are accepted into the program, there will be no cost to you, however you will have to agree to some terms and conditions...

Q: What are my obligations if I accept a place in this program?

A: Forte-supported placements are awarded on the condition that recipients live and work primarily in South Australia for three years after graduation. Together, we'll find you the best work in the state's rapidly-growing tech sector and we will, from time to time, need you to send through some tax and income information to prove the quality of the work you receive because of your training

Q: What documents will I need to provide to Forte?

A: (1) A photocopy or photo of either a driver’s license or photo ID card; (2) A copy of your previous year tax filing, if applicable. If you did not file a tax return in 2021 for the 2020 tax year, (3) Proof of current residence in South Australia. Accepted forms of proof include a driver's license, rental history, a state-issued photo ID card, utility bill or bank statement with address clearly listed.

Q: What technology will I need to take the course?

A: You will need a Mac laptop and access to reliable wifi, as well as a quiet place from which to take the course. We also recommend you use headphones and two monitors to make the online learning more comfortable.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of talent and need and we strongly encourage people who are unemployed to apply.

Placements are awarded on the condition that recipients intend to live and work primarily in South Australia for three years after graduation. Together, we'll find you the best work in the state's rapidly-growing tech sector and we will, from time to time, need you to send through some tax and income information to demonstrate the quality of the work you receive because of your training.

Throughout the course, you will have access to a team of live instructors and a dedicated career coach, who will mentor you throughout the course as you pivot your career. The course is live online and full-time from Monday - Friday over 12 weeks.